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Born in Bernau / Germany. Grow up in nice Blumberg near Berlin.

18, she moved to Berlin in order to pursue an education and got away with friends to enjoy new music.

As it later turned out TECHNO.

... Music in the head, celebrations, parties, the first big techno events ... in Berlin ...

By noting that the dusty vinyls not sounds like at Grandma and Grandpa gave of himself,
and always again watch what's going behind the DJ pult, the interest and fascination grow to vinyl's.

From techno infected and a vision in mind, it can be as large renowned Dj's were summarily first two turntables and a 2-channel mixer to start.

Permanent dig in vinyl shops, try on the hunt for the fat sound, hours, mix together the plates developed slowly but surely, the style of DJin-DARANE ( techno and darktechno).

It was followed by underground party where it's finally allowed themselves to the decks and celebrated with the people.

Now living in Vienna are the possibilities of underground party's standing behind the decks, very limited.

Tormented by the thought of not being able to hang up, it worked for her.

The idea was there, Internet Livestream.

The feeling for the music and the hard work will be remunerated, EP-releases and gigs are order of buisness.

And she is very happy about this and to do what she like, TECHNO and DARK-TECHNO.